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October 21, 2015 - Square Brussels Meeting Center - Glass Entrance

Claudia TAPARDEL - European Parliament, Committee on Transport and Tourism - Member of the European Parliament, co-Chair of the Intergroup on European Tourism Development, Cultural Heritage, Ways of St. James and other European Cultural Routes

Ms Ţapardel is a Romanian Member of the European Parliament for the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (S&D). Elected in May 2014, she is currently one of the youngest MEPs.
She is a member of the Parliament's Committee on Transport and Tourism, the Committee on Constitutions Affairs and a substitute member in the Committee on Budgets.
In addition, she co-Chairs the Intergroup on European Tourism Development, Cultural Heritage, Ways of St. James and other European Cultural Routes.
Ms Ţapardel holds multiple degrees including a PhD in Economics from the Academy of Economic Studies and Master’s degrees in International Business, International Conflict Analysis and Resolution and Public Management.
Ms Ţapardel has been a member of the Social Democratic Party since January 2002. She is currently serving as spokesperson for the Youth Organisation of the PSD (Social Democratic Youth).
She is also the vice-president of the Bucharest Organization of PSD and Vice President of the Young Social Democrats, with more attributions within the 3rd and 5th District Bucharest Organizations of PSD.

Carlo CORAZZA - European Commission, DG GROW - Head of Unit of Unit F4, Tourism, Emerging and Creative Industries

Carlo Corazza graduated in Law in Rome. He started his career at the European Commission in 1992 as an expert on enlargement policy. He was responsible of the economic legislations harmonisation and of consumer policy, food safety, health protection and standards for all candidate countries.
From 1995 to 1999, Carlo was Member of the Cabinet of Mrs Bonini with responsibility for trade policy, neighbouring policy, enlargement, association agreements, internal market, consumer protection and industrial policy. From 2003 to 2008, he represented the European Commission in Italy as Head of the press first and then as Head of the Representation. He came back to Brussels to become the Spokesperson of the Vice President Tajani from 2011 to 2014 and was then nominated Head of Unit International Affair and Mission for Growth in the current Directorate General Internal Market, Entrepreneurship and Industry (DG GROWTH).
As from 1st June, he is Head of Unit of Unit F4, Tourism, Emerging and Creative Industries. One of his main priorities will be to boost competitiveness of the tourism sector via a strengthened promotion of Europe in the third countries and an improved framework for the internationalisation of tourism- businesses.

Aurkene ALZUA - CICTourGUNE - Executive Director - NECSTouR Academic Committee Board

Dr Aurkene Alzua (Ph.D.) received a PhD in Outdoor Recreation and International Tourism at the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources, Purdue University, Indiana, USA (1999). Her thesis, entitled “A Leisure Involvement Model for the Study of Historic Site-Based Participation”, focuses on the application of psychosocial models in the field of tourism, cultural heritage and the environment.  She is currently the Executive Director of CICtourGUNE, the Centre for Cooperative Research in Tourism. She also teaches undergraduate and graduate level courses in social sciences at the University of Deusto. Dr Alzua has extensive academic experience as teacher and programme director, as well as coordinator of the European “Master of Arts in Euroculture” and participant in a number of European excellence networks. CICTouRGUNE is member of NECSTouR Academic Committee and Dr Alzua is member of its board. She has worked with government agencies including the Canadian Tourism Commission; USDA Forest Service (United States Department of Agriculture); Basque Government, and Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa. She has also participated in European projects under the Information Society Technologies Programme (IST), the INTERACT programme and ERAnet. Her research has been published in international scientific journals. Dr Alzua’s scope of research focuses on tourism sciences and the socioeconomic impact of technology in the area of culture and tourism. Her most recent work has focused on innovation and R&D policies in the Basque tourism sector, advanced measurement systems and technologies associated with human mobility, territory and place making.

Tim FAIRHURST - ETOA - European Tourism Association - Head of Strategy and Policy

Tim is responsible for ETOA’s policy strategy, ensuring it meets its members’ interests, and appeals to a wide range of stakeholders in European tourism from micro-enterprises to multi-nationals, and from visitors to those who live and work in Europe’s tourism destinations. ETOA is a member of NET.
Prior to ETOA, Tim worked in the Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK in international group tourism, primarily from North America. His roles ranged from operations management to running training programmes working with offices in France, Spain, Germany, Greece, Italy, Switzerland and the UK; he was later responsible for product development for Asian, North American and European markets. A graduate of universities in the UK, France and Ireland, he qualified as a lawyer and a mediator. Outside interests include the arts, food and drink, and hill-walking. He is currently chairman of the charity ‘TalkingWorks’ which provides mediation and conflict management skills training to young people.

Cláudia MONTEIRO DE AGUIAR - European Parliament, - Member of Transports and Tourism Committee and Fisheries and Maritime Issues Committee

Member of the European Parliament since July 2014. At the European Parliament she is Member on two Committees, Transports and Tourism,  and Fisheries and Maritime Issues  Prior she was a Member of the Portuguese Assembly of the Republic on the Committee on Economics and Public Works and on the Committee on European Affairs. From 2008 to 2011, she was a Communication and Marketing Consultant at Porto Bay Hotels & Resorts.
Cláudia Monteiro de Aguiar is graduated in Sociology with a major in Social Politics at Minho University and has a postgraduate Degree in Marketing and Communication. One of her passions is music; she studied at the Music Conservatory of Madeira for 3 years. Played for 20 years on the Madeira Mandolin Orchestra. Also passionate about Madeira Island she has been President of the Casa da Madeira Association in Lisbon since 2014.

Anu NYLUND - Vocational Qualifications Council for Tourism - Development Manager, Tourism Education

Tourism professional specialized in Responsible Tourism and Tourism Education. Anu Nylund works as Development Manager of Tourism education for Adults in a private owned vocational school in Helsinki, Finland. She has 12 years´ experience in Tourism education in Vocational Qualification level for adults. She has been working more than 20 years in Tourism business in Finland and abroad (mainly in Spain). The last nine years she has been combining her work in education within working as freelance-entrepreneur in Tourism business.
She has had a great opportunity to be part of the team when developing the national curriculum for Further Vocational Qualifications for Tourism in Finland led by Finnish Board of Education. She collaborates regularly with the Vocational Qualifications Council.  More information:


Lluis PRATS - University of Girona - Assistant Professor, Tourism economics PhD - NECSTouR Academic Committee Chairman

Assistant professor at the Faculty of Tourism of the University of Girona and settled in Business Organization Management and Product Design Department. Co-director of Organizational Networks, Innovation and Tourism (ONIT) research group. PhD in tourism economics. Fields of interest Innovation management, Planning and managing tourism destination, and product development. He published several books and papers in prestigious journals, and is member of the editorial committee of 3 journals, and reviewer and evaluator of several more. He is actually chairman of the Academic Committee of NECSTOUR an International networks for tourism sustainability and competitiveness. He participated in participated actively in national and international research projects under several initiatives regarding impact measurement and implementation of indicator systems for destinations and companies, quality control, and pricing. Those initiatives were basic research initially and transferred to the real world in various destinations, and companies granting the usefulness of the research done.


Fionnuala CARTER - Travel Professional Skillnet - Network Manager

Fionnuala Carter is Network Manager for the Travel Professionals Skillnet. The Travel Professionals Skillnet is a national, industry led training network, originally developed to support the needs of the membership of the Irish Travel Agents Association. The network now supports training to a broad range of travel/tourism companies including travel agents, tour operators (inbound and outbound), coach companies, hotels, airlines and airport authorities.
Prior to joining the Travel Professionals Skillnet in 2013, Fionnuala worked in tuition, management and project development in various areas of adult and community education, and has also pursued interests in communications, change management and law.

Eduardo SANTANDER - ETC - European Travel Commission

Mr. Santander has been Executive Director of ETC since April 2012. Educated in Spain and Austria, he holds a PhD in Sports Science and an MBA degree. He has extensive experience in destination marketing gained through his career in diverse companies from the tourism industry in Innsbruck (Austria) and the United States. He has also been a guest lecturer on tourism marketing at International Business Seminars in a number of US Universities.
Under the leadership of Mr. Santander, ETC continues supporting member NTOs in their portfolio of marketing and research activities in major long-haul markets with the aim of strengthening and increasing competitiveness of Destination Europe.

Antonella CORRERA - European Commission - DG GROW, Unit 4 - Tourism, Emerging and Creative Industries - Policy Officer - Implementation of Policy Initiatives in the tourism sector

Antonella Correra is a Policy Officer from the Unit "Tourism, Emerging and Creative Industries", in the Directorate General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG GROWTH). She is responsible for Accessible Tourism, and Skills in the Tourism Sector. Antonella joined the European Commission in 1998, where she has held different roles. She has worked in the Directorate General for Taxation and Customs Union, dealing with inter-institutional relations, transparency and data protection. She then moved to the Directorate General for Health and Consumers, dealing with product safety, and leading the development of safety standards for consumer products and services. 
Prior to joining the EU Commission, Antonella worked as a civil servant in the Italian National Health Service. She holds two University Degrees, in Law and Political Sciences, from the University of Rome "La Sapienza".


Jean Marc BANQUET D'ORX - HOTREC - European Association for Hotel Cafés Restaurants - Chairman of Sectorial Social Dialogue Committee

Jean-Marc BANQUET D’ORX, 62, enjoys a solid experience in the hotel industry.Graduated from the Paris Hotel Management School and from the Paris Law University, he joined the Savoy Group at the Berkeley in London and the Lancaster in Paris as reception Manager. In 1979, he joined JBI, now ACCOR HOTELS, as Sales Manager at Ticket Restaurant, and later Sales Director of SCAPA (F&B Purchasing Division). Since 1988, leads ELYSEES HOTEL CONSULTANT, operating 8 hotels under BEST WESTERN and ACCOR brands. 
President UMIH 77 Hotel Trade Employers Union (2005-2007) and, since 2007, General President of the UMIH ILE de FRANCE.
General Treasurer of UMIH National since September 2008.
Member since November 2009 of the SSD Steering Committee at HOTREC and Chairman from April 2014.
Member since 2012 of CRPEF, Regional Parity Commission of Employment and Education, PARIS

Davina STANFORD - Leeds Beckett University - Senior Lecturer, Course Leader, Responsible Tourism Management MSc

Dr Davina Stanford is a Senior Lecturer at Leeds Beckett University, Leeds, UK where she is course leader for the Responsible Tourism Management MSc.  Her research interests include responsible tourist behaviour, destination management and responsible tourism transport in protected areas. Davina has worked as a tourism consultant for a range of clients, including destination management organisations, local authorities, regional, national and international agencies (e.g. VisitEngland, Natural England, UNEP and UNWTO).

Danilo BELTRANTE - Vivere di Turismo - Founder

Born in 1980, Danilo lived in South Italy, in Supersano, near Lecce, until he was 18 years old. As soon as he obtained his diploma, he decided to go in London for a six months experience to improve his English. Once his military service was done, he graduated in Human Resources Management, working meanwhile in a catering company. Danilo has always been really interested in the non-hotel accommodation area and, at 25 years old, he opened his first B&B and managed it for five years. Since 2010, he is a successful non-hotel accommodation businessman. He has created the society Locobel Srl, which cares the development of numerous brands such as Help Italy Accommodation, Family Apartments and Rinascimento Palace. He is also Co-Founder of In Your Tuscany, an association about non-hotel accommodation area in Tuscany and spokesman in BTO (Buy Tourism Online). Enthralled by training and personal growth themes, since 2014, with the Vivere di Turismo® project, he helps non-hotel accommodation businessmen and landlords to obtain better performances. He has developed a specific training communication allowing them to have results thanks to unique techniques and knowledge, filling a gap between people's reality and traditional touristic training.

Aurea RODRIGUES - Dark Sky Alqueva Route (Portugal) - Tourism Professor(PhD), Universidade Europeia

Aurea has a PhD in Tourism from the University of Aveiro. She lectures for more than ten years in various institutions of higher education in Tourism and Hospitality Management. She has undertaken research activities in the RPTM PennState University, PA, USA, at the University of California, Berkeley, USA and the University of Siena in Italy. Member of the project team of European Village Network awarded in 2007 with "UNWTO Ulysses prize for innovation in Tourism award for non-profit organizations (NGO, Civil Society)" and of the Dark Sky route Alqueva certified by UNWTO and UNESCO as the first STARLIGHT tourist place in the world to develop Astro-tourism and also awarded in 2014 with the second place of the "UNWTO Ulysses prize for innovation in Tourism award for non-profit organizations (NGO, Civil Society)". She has authored and co-authored chapters in books, articles in national and international journals, and has made various communications and lectures at international and national conferences and seminars.

Ivica PROJIĆ - UHPA - Association of Croatian Travel Agencies - Head of Department of Project Management

Ivica Projić - Head of Department of Project Management at the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies (UHPA), responsible for project development and implementation on topics of lifelong learning, sustainable tourism, mobility, cross-border tourism, quality management, special interest tourism and destination management. Over ten years of tourism expertise working in travel agencies and on project development. Recent business interests are: advising and auditing quality management systems, and corporate social responsibility in tourism as QMS lead auditor and Travelife auditor.


Kerstin HOWALD - EFFAT - European Federation of Trade Unions in the Food, Agriculture and Tourism Sectors - Tourism Sector Secretary

Kerstin Howald is working at the European Federation of Trade Unions in the Food, Agriculture and Tourism Sectors (EFFAT) since 1995.
For the same time, she has been the Coordinator of the European Trade Union Liaison Committee on Tourism (ETLC).
Kerstin has a deep knowledge of employer-employee relationships and social dialogue in the tourism sector, and she represents tourism workers in the institutional development of the European tourism policy as well as regarding EU regulations.
Kerstin studied social sciences at Bremen University and has a diploma in Chinese & Business Studies from Hochschule Bremen.
From Bremen, Germany, Kerstin speaks fluently German, English, French and Chinese.

Magnus BERGLUND - Scandic Hotel - Accessibility Director

Magnus Berglund is Accessibility Director at Scandic Hotels -the largest hotel operator in the Nordic region. He started at Scandic 1994 as a cook. Due to a muscle disease he was on sick leave for five years. When was able to start work again, he contacted his former employer, with his ideas on how the hotel chain could increase accessibility and use accessibility to gain competitive advantage. 2003 he started to work for Scandic Hotels with accessibility questions.

Marie ALLANTAZ - ESCAET - Business School specialised in Travel - Director

Marie ALLANTAZ obtained a Master of Business Administration (MBA) specialized in International Travel Management at the ESCAET focused on the unavoidable GDS business model evolution in response of the new online distribution players invasion. After very rewarding work experiences at Otedis and later at Amadeus , she integrated afresh the ESCAET. She reworked the entire educational program in order to match with the Tourism industry and professions evolutions. 
Marie ALLANTAZ is deeply involved not only in the management and the development of the ESCAET but also in bringing expertise for all the Tourism industry players: companies, public institutions, media, associations... she publishes several articles in the specialized press, and particularly articles about the professions in Tourism and the industry evolution. She is member and partner of several of the most recognised associations, as the SNAV, Challenge Tourisme, the AFTM or the “Femmes du Tourisme”. She won the french Trofémina in 2012 in the category “Hotels and Travel”.

Stanislav VOLEMAN - Tourist Guides Association of the Czech Republic - President

Dr Stanislav Voleman graduated from Charles University in Prague. He has over twenty-five years experience working as a Tourist Guide, Tour Manager and Local Representative. He is specialized in European culture, art and history. Currently he operates a travel company specialized in MICE, corporate and incentive tourism. He also lectures the guiding technique and skills at the University of Business in Prague. Voleman is an active member of several tourism industry bodies and working groups: Czech Tourist Guide Association (president),  Czech Confederation of Commerce and Tourism (board member), World Federation of Tourist Guide Association (area representative for Eastern Europe and Caucasus), European Committee for Standartization (national expert), Czech National Qualifications and Occupations Framework (sectoral council member). Publications: Guide Services (authors team 2013), Methodology of the Professional Qualification Exam for Tourist Guide (2010), The Rules for Free Movement of Guide and Accompanying Services (with Dr Jitka Rysava 2009).

Cristina NUÑEZ - NECStouR - Coordinator

Coordinator of the European Network of Regions for a Competitive and Sustainable Tourism - NECSTouR - since 2012, she holds a Degree in Tourism (Spain-France), a post graduate degree in European affairs (Belgium) and a Diploma of National Interpreter-Guide (France). She has over ten years of experience in the tourism sector, covering customers welcoming and guiding, accommodation and leisure activities booking, destination marketing and promotion, events organization (MICE), research, project management and tourism policy. Her previous employers are ECORYS Brussels NV (Events Project Manager), the European Commission (interservice traineeships), the Catalan Tourism Board Benelux Officer (Promotion Assistant) and several tourism stakeholders based in the Costa Brava Tourism Destination (Catalonia, Spain).  Cristina has a strong expertise in Destination management models and in tourism territorial strategy. Today she runs the NECSTouR Network, driving and promoting its strategy, projects and activities, being the main representative of its Members position towards the European Institutions. Beside Catalan and Spanish as mother tongues, she speaks fluently French and English as well as very good Italian.

Mike COYNE - CSES - Centre for Strategy and Evaluation Services - Partner

Mike Coyne – originally an academic economist in the De Monfort University Business School in the UK, Mike Coyne is a CSES partner, who has accumulated wide experience in EU affairs. 
He worked for ten years in Brussels on SME policy, first in a Coopers and Lybrand team and then as an official in DG ENTR, working with Member State authorities and business organisations on a programme of best practice exchange. For five years he was then Managing Director of a modern software company, working mainly in the cultural and educational sectors, before joining CSES where he has specialised in evaluation methodology and impact assessment, in the areas of enterprise policy, innovation, IPR the creative economy and tourism.

James RAMPTON - CSES - Centre for Strategy and Evaluation Services - Partner

James Rampton is a Partner at CSES with 20 years' professional experience. He specialises in the analysis of EU policy. Over the last decade, he has led many evaluations, impact assessments and other studies for the European Commission, particularly in the field of EU Structural funds, education and training, culture, enterprise, employment and social affairs. Prior to joining CSES in 2013, James worked for Ecorys (formerly ECOTEC) in Birmingham for 13 years. James also gained 5 years' practical experience of urban and coalfield regeneration whilst working in local government and for a Training and Enterprise Council in the East Midlands. He studied Economics at the Universities of Nottingham (MA), Kent (BA) and Réunion. He speaks fluent English and French.